Saturday, September 29

Internal Pleasures: First realization

Sommer Fest 2004, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.
All images by Lau Mun Leng.

Wednesday, September 19

PM (Goh Lee Kwang / Olaf Hochherz)

(Goh Lee Kwang / Olaf Hochherz)

Olaf Hochherz:::: piezo
Goh Lee Kwang: mixer feedback


2009 Live Actions - Berlin cdR (Herbal Live Actions 006)
2008 S / T 3" cdR (self release)

Vital Weekly 663
Behind PM are Goh Lee Kwang (mixer feedback) and Olaf Hochherz (piezo). I remember reviewing a rather obscure 3"CDR by them, but this one is actually quite nice. Four pieces, recorded in three different places in Berlin, with only few days in between (so you can tour a city!) of an endless stream of feedback like sounds and small crackles and big noise. It emerges on the borders of improvised music, electro-acoustic, microsound as well as noise. I know this sounds like a strange mixture, but it works well here.
A great work, a strong leap forward. 
- Frans De Waard -

Online mp3s:
Session @ Arthur's kitchen, Berlin 19/03/2008
Live @ Forster Studio, Berlin 04/05/2007
Live @ Electronic Church, Berlin 22/03/08