Tuesday, November 18

Concert Documents : mp3s, video and some good words from audiences

Some live recording from 2010 Europe tour on bandcamp, more or less represent my solo performance with stereo DJ mixer.

Live In Berlin 04.05.2010

Live In Saarbrücken 08 & 09.05.2010

Live In Vienna 15.05.2010

Live In Ljubljana 18.05.2010

and VIDEO from Musiques Innovatrices, St. Etienne, France 2007.

Some words from audiences who were in my concerts:
... I can’t describe it, felt related to a ripping sound but not quite that — but took it through a lot of variations. I felt the sameness all set long but never got bored...complete

... This was sound art: a rarefied, conceptual creature that offered pleasures only usually palatable with some intellectual exercise. In other words: to like what we were listening to, the twelve of us had to think about why we liked it...complete

... Goh Lee Kwang built a whole vocabulary. Pretty set of hardly fifteen minutes, tended enough never not to weary. Excellent surprise...
... Goh Lee Kwang s’est construit tout un vocabulaire. Joli set d’à peine un quart d’heure, assez tendu pour ne jamais lasser. Excellente surprise...complete (French)

(This is from the very very rare laptop set, 2nd time actually)
... Hidden behind the open screen of the computer Goh Lee Kwang gave the impression of some mad professor at work, but the music he made was sufficiently interesting to make me look out for his name again...complete