Monday, April 25

The story of the buskers

There are 4 buskers station at 4 corner of a building. British, American, German and Malaysia. Where the British station, did not have strong traffic, but has a lot of tourists passing by, therefore the British get a lot of media attention; Where the American station, is facing the main street, with strong traffic, therefore good income too; Where the German station is facing the art fund agency, therefore even low traffic and low media coverage, the art fund agency will recognize them, there are steady monthly/ annual income; where the Malaysian station is just like the rest of the world, not many media coverage, not strong traffic, not much art fund.

The problem with the music / art scene today is, it is based on visibility, number of supporter, income, and funding support to define / judge an artist. Almost nobody will walk through 4 corner to listen to the buskers before making conclusion/ judgement.