Thursday, April 9

Discography ... yet to be complete


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* More albums from 2011 onward did not list here, they are available on Bandcamp

2013 逆耳New Ear (Herbal, 2xCD)
2011 反之亦然 _, and Vice Versa (Herbal International, CD)
2011 The Lost Testimony of Rashomon (Nyoba / Herbal CD)

2011 Hidden (Lunhare, cdR)
2010 Farewell Rock Stars (Herbal cdR, Europe tour limited edition)
2010 Second Thought / Same Palace (Fibrr Records, online + cdR on demand)
2010 Sight (Lunhare, cdR)
2010 Half (Theme Park, cdR)
2009 Home Brew (Stasisfield, online)

2009 Hands (Herbal International, CD)
2009 Waver (Appel Music, cdR)
2009 sicKL2007 (Compost and Height, online)
2009 Till I'm Happy With - Wiring My Ear To The Ground vol2 (Private 8xcdR)
2009 Wiring My Ear To The Ground (edit) (New Directions, online)
2009 Wiring My Ear To The Ground (Private 8xcdR, limited)
2008 Draw Sound (Argo Book, Herbal International, book & 3"CD)
2008 Cicadas I (Why Not Ltd, cdR)
2008 Stormy Weather, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia. (Compost and Height, online)
2008 Max Attacks vol.1 (New Directions, online)
2008 Warm & Meaty (New Directions, online)
2007 Good Vibrations (Herbal International, CD)
2006 Room Sound (Herbal cdR, limited)
2006 Treatments (TIBProd, online)
2006 A Perfect Rain (Desetxea, online)
2005 S.O.S. #2 (Herbal 2xcdR, exhibition limited edition)
2005 S.O.S. #1 (Why Not Ltd, cdR)
2005 Radiowave (Stasisfield, online)
2005 Punk Guitar... with bonus track!! (Herbal International, CD)
2005 Paris, First Encourter 2004 (Deserted Factory, cdR)
2004 Internal Pleasures (Herbal Records, CD)
2004 Crack (Herbal cdR, Europe tour limited edition)
2004 Live @ Frei Radio Stuttgart (private cdR, limited)
2004 Concrete / Eastern (Pseudoarcana Records, 2x3"cdR)
2003 Live @ 5Arts Center (private cdR, limited)
2003 to make it SHARPER (private cdR, limited)
2003 Radiowave (private cdR, limited, re-release on Stasisfield)
2003 3 pieces (private cdR, limited, rework as Concrete)
2002 Nerve Center (Cicadas Records, CD)
2002 Punk Guitar (Cicadas Records, cdR)
2002 Encyclopedie (Cicadas Records, cdR, rework as Cicadas I)
2001 UNmotion Picture Soundtrack (Private cdR, limited)
2001 BURN, backing music for a dance theater (Private cdR, limited)
2001 2001 (Private cdR, limited)

Duo with Tim Blechmann
2006 Frei Radio fur Stuttgart, 02 feb. 2005 (TIBProd, cdR)
2005 DRONE (no label, CD)
2005 Enter/ Esc (BREAK THE LINE! Records, 2xcdR)
2004 M18-Z11_qx2 (Moka Bar Records, cdR)
2004 Un_No (Moka Bar Records, cdR)

LK+L (Duo with Lukas Simonis)
1st + EP (Bandcamp only, online)

PM (Duo with Olaf Hochherz)
2009 Live Actions - Berlin (Live Actions 006)
2008 PM (Private 3"cdR, limited)

Others Collaborations
2007 Goh Lee Kwang / Kenji Siratori: Bacteria Syndrome (Herbal cdR)
2006 Goh Lee Kwang / Lau Mun Leng: Active! (Neus 318, cdR)
2005 Goh Lee Kwang's Double Trio: Lille, Stuttgart 2004 (Herbal cdR)


2012 The Fifth IHM Compilation (IHM, online)
2009 10 Jahre Bessere Farben (Mikroton, 2xCD)
2009 The Fourth IHM Compilation (IHM, online)
2007 Beyond Ignorance And Borders (Syrphe, CD)
2004 Xing-Wu / Insight (Xing-Wu Records, 2xCD)
2001 Monkey (Monkey Records, cdR)

2009 Kamal Sabran: Space Gambus Experiment
2005 Kristjan Varnik: New Conventions Of Behavior (Solitude/ Merz edition, CD)
2004 plattform fuer freie musik - session 4 (Moka Bar Records, cdR)
2004 plattform fuer freie musik - session 2 (Moka Bar Records, cdR)