Wednesday, March 11

Back2Bed 不安于室 (In Progress Album) EP1

Dear friends,

This is the first EP of the materials I 've been working on for the next solo album since the past two years (or even way before when I started to collect the materials). The plan is to release the album this year, but it's hard to say as the works are keep on growing, and the source materials are all over the places (and growing too).

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, "Back2Bed 不安于室 (In Progress Album) EP1" is up now on Bandcamp! Please check it out, and hope you will like it!


PS: I always like the idea of trilogy, the "Back2Bed 不安于室" will be the third installment following the "Nerve Center 神经中枢 (2002)" and "Hands 推敲琢磨 (2009)".