Monday, January 17

News & upcoming event in Jan 2011

Dear friends,

I wish you all have a wonderful new year 2011!

Below is some of my news and upcoming event in Jan 2011.

Best wishes,


Blog Out!
I represent Malaysia as the media artist of the Goethe Institute's "Visible City" CityScape Blog 2011, every month i will contribute a video & a sound piece to the CityScape Blog, the Jan edition is up now!

22nd Jan, Concert!
Jason Kahn, sound artist from US currently based in Zurich, will visit Kuala Lumpur to launch his new cd "Beautiful Ghost Wave", release on Herbal, on 22nd Jan at the newly open jam studio Pinkfono. Jason will perform a solo set on analog synthesizer, we will play a duo set with Jason on analog synthesizer, me on mixer feedback. This event is co-organize by Herbal & Pinkfono.
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23rd Jan, Concert & installation!
Klpac "Open Day 2011", an all-day-long arts festival organized by klpac! I will perform a solo set at 3:30pm. And there is also an audio-visual-interactive installation "Switch ON" co-produce by me & Annabelle Ng. Bring some household electronic equipments to have fun with the installation.

31st Jan, Installation!
I m one of the invited artist of the House of MATAHATI (HOM) group show "Vertical or Horizontal", i will present a new interactive installation title "Vertical or/ and Horizontal". HOM, independent art space in Ampang.

5. CD Out!

Soundtrack of "The Lost Testimony of Rashomon", the main show of 3rd International Buto Festival 2010, choreographed by Yukio Waguri from Japan & Lee Swee Keong of Nyoba-Kan buto dance group, with original composition & sound by me, is final out! The soaundtrack on the cd has been carefully crafted according to the actual performance & as a stand-alone soundscape composition.You can order direct from me or the website.