Thursday, May 29


Ambient Noise Wall
GOH LEE KWANG breakthrough the international art scene in early 21st century, he produced a wide variety of avant-garde, electronic & experimental arts. GOH LEE KWANG based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, performs & exhibits internationally at festival of contemporary art & music, and has released numerous recordings. In fact only about noise related he has already recorded 100 albums (!!) and I can tu assure no one is the same. Between such huge production of music, is really difficult to listen to all and after to choose your favourite, but I think don´t to be wrong If I affirm that this "Beautiful" is my favourite. My reasons to choose this one are frankly few and without any explanation. Sorry but Im not any Art expert and I like music, paintings or books according my first impresion and my personal taste, not according any art theory or such. The only thing I am not agree with GOH LEE KWANG is abouth the title of the disk: "Beautiful"... but this is just an very little detail without real importance. "Beautiful" is a physical disk that is not in one long 38-minute track, which I personally reminds me of someone ripping the image paper slowly. You can imagine the fact tear a sheet of plain paper over 38 minutes? It is incredible, difficult to explain and impossible to do. no? Well here the artist demonstrates how to master this "instrument" called "noise", minimize and simulate thin paper that tears a hyper-slow speed, idle ... for 38 minutes. Some find it stupid. Other nonsense. Others do not will understand. I personally do not understand, frankly, but is always necessary to understand anything in Art? not. Simply I like this album. I like very much and from here I recommended to listen to it, just few times.
- Sergi Puig Masferrer -

Unexplained Sounds
Malaysia artist Goh Lee Kwang's work is not quite what you could name easy listening production. This work, entitled Beautiful is a proof of that. It's a long track where a back bass frequency pulsing radiation is disturbed by small noisy cells. Cells grow minute by mminute, shaping a noise mass that fill the space. Not for naive listeners.
- Ra Sonologyst -

Saturday, May 17

Butterfly / Grasshopper

Sunday, May 4

Deluxe Combo