Sunday, March 13

PRE-ORDER "Back2Bed 不安于室" CD

The next CD by Goh Lee Kwang is looking to release on the first half of 2016. It is going to be the third installment of trilogy following "Nerve Center 神经中枢" (2002) and "Hands 推敲琢磨" (2009). Since early 2015, 4 (in progress) EPs has been make available on Bandcamp:
EP1 (
EP2 (
EP3 (
EP4 (

CD per unit is 12EUR (+ Shipping 6EUR worldwide). GOODIE FOR EARLY BIRD? Pre-order will get a special gift of 4 EPs CDR (Instant digital download + CDR ship together with the album)!

To make your pre-order, simply email to with email title "Pre-order Back2Bed" (direct, no middle man).

Pre-order available NOW, until end of March 2016. CD looking to be release before June 2016!

Thank you very much!
March 14, 2016