Friday, July 18

Personal Notes

Random Thought : In general, I will rate Elvis Costello as a good song-writer (Who am I to rate?), but there is something stopping me to return to most of his recordings. I get bored easily after 2 - 3 spins of most of his recording. The reason is the concept, over the years he tried different genres, blues, jazz, hip-hop, chamber music etc etc, but it's like fancy backdrop for the same boring guy who always trying too hard.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions "Almost Blue" (1984)

Personal note : Close to midnight playing, random play mode lead to this album, creepy might not be the right word, but a soundtrack without movie is always an interesting concept to start with.

Steve Beresford | David Toop | John Zorn | Tonie Marshall "Deadly Weapons" Nato HS10051

Personal note : Tzadik releases are hard to catch. Recent grab Terry Riley's Autodreamographical Tales is another good one. Just like having afternoon tea with the guru, warm, cheerful, and enjoyable.

Terry Riley "Autodreamographical Tales" Tzadik TZ8070

Personal note : Not a big fan of Wadada Leo Smith, never heard of Angelica Sanchez. But this one resonance with my ear very well.

Wadada Leo Smith | Angelica Sanchez "Twine Forest" Clean Feed CF287CD

Personal note :  Glad to dig this out today, after lunch odyssey. Enough improvisation for this week :-) And I was thinking about Ornette Coleman & piano while listening to this. How does one got related?

PS: Grab this album not because of Brötzmann or Braxton, but Bergman (They should called "BBB trio"), a less prolific pianist (compared to Brötzmann or Braxton I mean)

Peter Brötzmann | Borah Bergman | Anthony Braxton "Eight by Three" Mixtery M00001

Personal note : I am not new to Jim Hall, but never go beyond 'sampling' his recording from time to time, which maybe not cool. The most recent listening : "The Concord Jazz Heritage Series".

PS: Nothing to say about the passing of Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister, never listen to them, maybe one day I will give it a try.

Jim Hall "The Concord Jazz Heritage Series" Concord Jazz CCD 4831 2

Personal Note : Another enjoyable works by Terry Riley. And the musicians really 'give life' to the compositions.

I wish I could write about the piece but somehow the words just slip away.

'In C' is my earliest experience with minimal music, before Steve Reich and Philip Glass. I think I am always having good luck when it come to exploring new music (read music I haven't heard before, not a a genre).

Terry Riley "The Book of Abbeyozzud" New Albion NA 106 CD

From the book Personal Notes. Reprinted by permission.